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    Welcome to the School Production page!

    This years production is Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!

    On this page you should find up-to-date news and resources for the production.

    General library information including link to the library catalogue, online resources, recommended reads and events.

    Information and advice to help you with your homework, find good books to read or take part in library activities.

    Library resources and skills for 6th form.

    Here is a sample test based on literacy tests for job applications in nursing, teaching and the police

    A range of exercises classes to keep you young, fit and beautiful!  Will include aerobics, Pilates etc.


    This is for students who want to continue with D of E from school or start from the beginning with the qualification.


    This involves volunteering with the Bolton Lads Club.  You will attend the club on a weekly basis and must be willing to attend a residential course during October half term. You will be working with and mentoring children from the local area.


    Whilst this is open to everyone it will be particularly useful for those taking Business/Economics.  The students involved will set up and run a small company, raising money for charities.



    This is a professionally delivered course which leads to a national qualification.  It is an introduction to communicating with people who are hearing impaired and may be of a particular interest to students who are considering a career in a caring profession. 


    This involves helping out at the Bolton Dementia group help to care for and help older people with dementia to enjoy simple games and activities.

    There is a Tuesday afternoon group and also a Wednesday afternoon group.

     The Sixth Form is involved in a joint project with Age Concern which consists of hosting a social afternoon twice a month for a group of about 10 local elderly people.  This takes place on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 1.30 until 4.15 and there is a wide range of activities followed by afternoon tea.   Sixth Form volunteers are required to help and support our elderly visitors and to generally befriend and socialize with them.  If you opt for this activity, you will be expected to stay until 4.15 on the meeting afternoons but you will be free on the non-meeting afternoons.



     This option provides the opportunity for anyone who is interested in teaching as a career to get some invaluable "hands-on" experience in one of our local primary schools.  Those who take part work with a particular class of pupils, usually for the whole year.


    For one period a week a Sixth Former is paired with a pupil, attends their lesson with them and, under the guidance of the teacher, and helps them with their work.  This session may be at any time during the week when the Sixth Former is free and then the Wednesday afternoon session becomes their free time instead.  As far as possible the Sixth Former is paired according to their own strengths so a linguist will work in the language lesson, a scientist in a science lesson and so on. 



    The girls’ netball team play fixtures in an U.19’s league against other colleges and schools and the matches take place on Wednesday afternoons, usually in conjunction with the boys’ football fixtures.  The first practice/trials will be notified on the bulletin.


    The 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI football teams play in the U.19s colleges and Sixth Forms league.  You will be notified about the date and time of the team trials; your place on this subject is dependent on your trial.


    This option takes place at Rossendale Ski Slope on Wednesday afternoons.  Priority on this option is given to first-time skiers going on the Sixth Form skiing holiday but there may also be room for others who are just interested in giving it a go.


    GCSE Short Course AQA

    Religion and life issues (Religious Studies)

    Most Year 10 and 11 pupils follow a specification that will lead to a GCSE (Short Course) qualification. You will be taught for one period per week throughout years 10 and 11. You will be setted in groups according to your ability and effort and in Year 11 you will be entered for the GCSE assessment.


    Faith and Philosophy 

    GCSE Full Course AQA

    Religion and Life Issues and Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions. (Religious Studies)


    Religion and Life 

    AQA Entry Level Qualification


    Some pupils follow the AQA Entry Level qualification in Religious Education. This includes topics such as animal rights, planet earth, early life, prejudice, war and peace.

    Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

    Unit 1: Foundations

    This part of the course is divided into two main areas. You will be taught by two specialists within the department, so you will have two teachers for this unit. With one you will examine philosophical issues such as arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil and suffering, and debates about miracles. In Ethics students will explore and analyse key ethical theories such as Utilitarianism and Situation Ethics. You will also examine the link between religion and morality as well as considering the application of ethical and religious theory to issues within Sexual Ethics and War and Peace.



    Unit 2: Investigations

    Area C: The Study of Ethics

              7: Medical Ethics    


    This Unit focuses on Medical Ethics, with a particular emphasis on Euthanasia. Students explore issues surrounding sanctity of life, medical consent, rights and duties and responsibilities and choices. You will explore the application of religious teaching and ethical theories within this. Personal research is completed alongside guided reading and study.

    Philosophy of Religion and Ethics


    Unit 3: Developments

    This unit builds on the areas studied at AS Level. You will be taught by two specialists within the department, so you will have two teachers for this unit. With one you will examine philosophical issues such as arguments about the existence of God and critiques of religious belief, religious experience, and the ontological argument. You will also explore beliefs about life after death and complete a study of religious language. In Ethics students will explore and critique deontological ethical theories such as Natural Moral Law and Virtue Ethics. You will also critique the relationship between religion and morality as well as considering the meaning and definition of ethical terms. You will then consider the application of ethical standpoints to issues of Justice, Law and Punishment.




    Unit 4: Implications

    This Unit brings together threads of the course studied over the two years. Students will explore key themes and issues prompted by an in-depth study and analysis of key extracts focused on Philosophy. (Anthology)

    In this section of the course we will cover:

    * US political parties

    * US pressure groups

    * US elections

    * US voting behaviour

    This is the VLE page for my fantastic Year 11. Here you can find anything from homeworks, to revision material as well as general forums and feedback!


    Let me know what you think!

    Miss Leonard

    Remote media resources for this department

    Resources for Media/Film Studies Projects

    Please complete the surveys when asked to do so by your teacher. Your views will help change MFL learning and teaching.

    So you think you can't remember your French or Spanish? Well think again. Here you will different ways to help your memory!

    Here you will find phrases that will help you improve the quality of your written and spoken work. These are what will impress your teachers and examiners